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Full text of "Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History"

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He constructed in the 7th year of his reign Bhoga-maactapa
to the G-od, and in the 9th year a stone prakara (enclosing wall)
called KurinabSda. [A statue of Padmaearya, the king's
preceptor, who died at that time, was made and set up in front
of the God in his memory].* One Dasnmdri, (Skt. Dasamtiduli]
a cook of his household, used to prepare sweets (for offerings)
and with the remainder of the flour he made bread and having
offered it to the God secretly behind the gantda-stamlha. ate it
The report of his conduct reached the king's ears, and he ordered
the cook to be brought to his presence. But the G-od intervened
and said that the action of the priest was acceptable to him.
Henceforward the cook was granted the prasada (cooked food
offered to the God; after the night's big bhoga (main naivedya), and
theoffice of thehead-cook(»?«/z5s2?^tar«) was bestowed upon him.
Puras5ttama heard of the existence of a girl of the padmini
class, a daughter of the king of KaucI, and sent messengers
(harkaras) to demand her hand in marriage. The king of
KaLcI declined the offer ; but Pnrusottama insisted that she
should be given to him in marriage, but he had to take
the rebuff again. With wounded pride the enraged king led an
araiy against Kancl but was defeated. On his retiirn he prayed
to the God Jagannatha, who, appearing to him in a dream,
promised to lead him the next day 111 the guise of Balarama
and Sri Krsna riding on white and black horses respectively.
But the king should start on the expedition only after visiting
the temple of Durgamadhava, which he did.
The king set out with the four kinds of troops ; but
he^as a little doubtful about the divine brothers going in
advance. The deities understood his anxiety ; and in order to
ease Ms mind, they sent to him a shepherdess from whom they
had purchased some butter-milk and offered in return a ring
instructing her to hand it over to the king who was following
them and obtain payment. The king was greatly pleased to see
the ring and asked her what she wanted. She prayed' that the
king might do something to perpetuate her memory. Orders
*Tbt sutcaeBt enclosed within the square brackets is not found fa the Skt chronicle.